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The Hope Trilogy: Book One

Welcome to the first day of my website/blog. This is just one more step in the long process of inching ever closer towards finally publishing book one of The Hope Prophesy trilogy: Endeavors Run.

After a year of writing, editing, re-writing, more editing, beta readers, more re-writing, and yet another edit, I've decided to go ahead and get the web site up and running. Unfortunately I can't offer the book at this time; it's still with the editor, and will be a few more weeks (I hope) before I get it back in order to do the re-write/revision. A few more weeks of constant coffee, and having google open all day.

Like the book itself this website is a work in progress. Like the starship I will endeavor to get both the book and this website completely up and running in the coming weeks/months. Writing is an exercise in pure patience, and if this past year has taught me anything it's that putting out an interesting and engaging story takes about as long as it does for a starship to zip through the galaxy.

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