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I've almost finished reading the ZERO trilogy. Since I haven't been without a book since the early 1980's I always have several books waiting in the wings to chose from the moment I'm finished with a the last one. Frankly, I'm leaning hard towards Joe Abercrombie's new First Law trilogy. Although Daniel Arenson's Earth Alone series looks very compelling. However.....Bernard Cornwell has a new book: Flame Bearer, that is simply screaming at me to read, and I always listen to Bernard Cornwell's screams. Having said all that: finishing up a book, or a series that you genuinely have gotten into is like losing an old friend; one that will be missed...until you pick up that next book, and find a new friend.

One might ask: how does a writer have time to write and read? The answer: you don't unless you can write in the morning when your mind is fresh, and read at night when the mind is ready to shut down for the night. The problem lies when you are in the middle of a new book (not a re-write), and you lie awake at night thinking of what's gonna happen next in your story. I've found that I actually lay in bed reading a book, but not really reading it, because my mind is engaged in a way to write in a direction that my story seems to be pulled towards. Make sense? I think that most writers will understand.

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