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A few folks, namely my editor, beta readers, and a couple others, know that a big part of my story involves dragons. Specifically a genetically created sentient cranky old thousand year old dragon named Rodina. There's also a ten thousand dragon strong army called the Drakon Rus. Unfortunately, except for a couple cameo appearances in books one and two, they really don't make an impact on the story until book three. Since I'm still working on the final (I hope edit) of book one, it maybe a while till they finally roar into the story. I guess the reason that I'm writing about this today is that last night I watched my favorite dragon movie ever: Reign of Fire. Although the dragons in the movie are the bad guys, and mine are the good guys, I still love watching this movie. Dragons are a large part of human lore that they never fail to stimulate the imagination, and the dream of what if. Earth was once dominated by reptiles, and if they had not gone extinct what are the possibilities that this genus wouldn't have eventually evolved an intelligent species. This is the imputes behind my story. What if a planets reptiles continued to evolve, grow sentient, and finally meet with a new species of sentient beings: human colonists from across the galaxy. what would their reaction be? What if......?

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