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Dragon's, magic swords, and hero's. What do they all have in common? Like many science fiction/fantasy books these are core themes in my trilogy. Hopefully mine have a unique take on their respective roles they play and that the readers will find them so. All three are key to my story, and each has a deeply rooted reason as to why they fit as I have placed them.

Today's point however, is more of an analogy than a small window to the story. The sword I've chosen is a 1500 year old Samurai Katana. 1500 years by my characters time, which is set in AD 3282. So, by our standards it's not that old, but I digress: it's the construction of the sword that makes it so valuable, and worth the cost of ownership. The katana is a piece of metal that took hundreds of hours of beating with a hammer, folding over, adding more ingredients, mostly carbon blood sweat and tears, and then beating some more. It's beaten until the maker can't swing the hammer anymore, but then still does so.

A good book is much like this sword. The original manuscript often bears little resemblance to the final product, and everything in between is just another swing of the hammer. Perfection is the ultimate goal in both endeavors. Often attempted, but rarely achieved. However, sometimes the blade is so perfect that another swing of the hammer only does it harm. Neither the magic sword, or the book that gives it life have reached that perfection yet, and so I go on swinging the hammer. It simply needs more pounding to give the hero the perfect sword he needs to win against at all odds.

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