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Every sci-fi needs a good spaceship

In book one: Endeavors Run, I have two different space ships. The starship Endeavor is where a lot of the action takes place, but not all. Actually much of it takes place on the shuttles that have the ability, unlike the Endeavor, to leave orbit, fly in the atmosphere, and even land on the surface. (No transporter beams in my AD 3200 century) These small craft called an OVAL. (Orbital Vehicle & Atmospheric Lander) However, this name might be a bit misleading, because instead of the oval shape that the name seems to indicate they are actually sleek, aerodynamic, and very fast space planes with fusion drives. They're agile as a fighter, and can hover like a VTOL. Our hero is not only the helmsman of the Endeavor, but an OVAL pilot as well. He actually has to do an EVA to fight off a swarm of dragons attacking (successfully I might add) his little OVAL, and if you read yesterdays post (all three of you), then you know that he probably used his Katana to help get rid of them. Never underestimate the power of a hero with a badass sword...

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