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Crossing the galaxy

As every sci-fi fan knows you can't have a cool story without going to a cool alien planet to fight your battles on. I mean, you can't always blow up the Earth, because that's not really fantasy; we do that everyday anyway. So, it's much better to go to another planet and blow it up instead. The problem of course, is how to get there. The physics involved pretty much rules out any logical method of traveling hundreds of light years, and since Einstein was right (we can't travel faster than the speed of light), then just how exactly, do we actually get there? The answer: We simply ignore physics, push a button, start our trip, go to commercial break, then come back, and voila! We're there. Easy shmeasy. As if.... Of course there's always wormholes, warp drives, inter-dimensional jumps, and so on. So, I'm guessing that we'll figure out one of those techniques once we get...yawn...tired of watching those beer commercials. In the meantime you've got to have a cool starship with an A-I computer with a personality of a cranky head librarian running the show. HAL should have been named ADAM, but I went with a female A-I named SADI. She likes to argue with the hero, but sputters when asked to hypothesize. (I know the feeling) And the starship she runs is called the Endeavor, as in Endeavors Run. So now you've got to have a cool starship. Yesterday I talked about the need to have a cool space plane. Today it's all about having a cool starship to get those cool space planes to the cool planets that we go to while watching beer commercials.

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